Life Precious
A chapter of The Demon Lords Chronicles


Somewhere in the universe.
Somewhen in the future.

On the planet Aremis, at a period similar to the end of our 19th century, the adventuring rush has seized the world.
Many millionnaires, looking for fame and knowledge, set up expeditions to all continents.
The one called Demeris notably, which wealthness is on par to the eagerness of its people to protect it, draws inexorably scientists and adventurers in.

Jones Esterlan was one of them. Like few, only the unknown and its thrills was his objective. Like most, he never came back.
Today his daughter, Lilaverna Esterlan, travels to that very same land of many dangers.
Like her father, she isn't looking for treasures. She aims for something even more precious.
So precious her father chose it over her, over his family, and over his very own life.
She doesn't know what it could be. But she will find it.
This treasure of a lifetime.

Her Life Precious.

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